The Start

After spending a year networking with New York City’s top healthcare professionals, host Matt Morton realized something. The candid conversations that he was having with these individuals were more valuable and empowering any online course he had ever taken or any how-to article that he ever read. It’s not every day that you get to hear how one of the world’s top surgeons made it to that level of stature, how an administrator worked them self from practice manager to the C-Suite of a hospital, or how the CEO of a large private practice built his company from one to 65 locations.

This was a breakthrough moment, and his mission was now clear. Matt would take his personal passion to learn and progress, and use it to give all future leaders of the healthcare community access to key insights from those who are currently leading the field. By giving top performers and thought-leaders a platform to tell their stories, he would unveil the key insights learned from their greatest successes (and failures), and help empower a new generation of leaders by giving them the tools needed to rise to the top. Welcome to Health City.


Our Guests

Each week Health City features a different healthcare provider, executive, entrepreneur or thought leader with one goal in mind: to uncover the most valuable career and self-development insights that they have to offer.

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