Healthcare Insights

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Health City is a platform for healthcare leaders

to empower each other to learn, grow, and lead the

industry forward.


The Process


Learn how today’s leaders got to the top of the industry and uncover the insights they learned along the way.


Commit to growth by utilizing and applying your newly found knowledge.


Develop your mindset, rise the ranks, and continue to lead the industry forward.

The Value

The Journey

Hear the story behind how today’s leaders paid their dues, took risks, and rose the ranks

Develop Your Mindset

Learn the characteristics held by great leaders and the importance of a growth mindset

The Lessons

Uncover the greatest insights from those who have made it to the top of their profession

Develop Your EQ

Understand the role your EQ plays in leadership and how an open-minded perspective will help you be more effective

The Recommendations

Get tips from people who have accomplished the same goals that you set for yourself

Develop Your Peers

Be of service – Great leaders not only develop themselves but also develop those around them


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