Being a student of the industry: A commitment to learning and growth, and letting it lead you to high-quality results with David Pierre (#30)

Today’s guest is healthcare technology and services executive, David Pierre. David is the Chief Operating Officer of Signify Health and is responsible for their operational excellence across the company. In our conversation we discuss: His background How he got into the healthcare industry His role and the company mission at Signify Health His top recommendations […]

Passion and value: Finding the intersection of what you love and the value that it can bring to others with Mark Longo (#29)

Today’s guest is Chief Technology Officer of Sirona Medical, Mark Longo. After his undergraduate studies, Mark discovered his passion for the sciences, which led him to Stanford where he completed his Ph.D. in evolutionary genetics. After Stanford, Mark entered the technology field, and then ultimately joined the Sirona team to further their mission of revolutionizing […]

Be curious: Curiosity leads to learning and learning leads to growth with Michael O’Donnell (#28)

Today’s guest is healthcare leader and growth optimization expert, Michael O’Donnell. Mike started his career as a consultant and then moved into the physical therapy sector. Since then Mike has held a number of leadership roles covering operations, business development, and analytics, and he is currently the Vice President of Growth Optimization at Select Medical. […]

Prioritizing growth: Fostering your desire to learn and using it to guide you forward with Jansen Weaver (#27)

Today’s guest is healthcare leader and executive, Jansen Weaver. Jansen has an incredible background with many diverse experiences. He was a military intelligence officer and has an MBA and master’s in leadership. Throughout his career, he has spent time in investment banking, consulting, and healthcare strategy, and is currently the Chief of Staff at Headspace […]

Interest and innovation: The power of curiosity and harnessing it for learning, growth, and success with Dr. Raymond Hwang (#26)

Today’s guest is spine surgeon, medical director at Hinge Health, venture partner, and advisor to many, Dr. Raymond Hwang. Dr. Hwang started his educational career in engineering and computer science at MIT prior to shifting his focus to the world healthcare. After completing medical and business school at Harvard he entered the musculoskeletal world where […]

The business of people: The psychology behind performance and progression with Nick Serio (#25)

Today’s guest is entrepreneur, performance, and leadership expert, Nick Serio. Nick has a background rooted in exercise science and kinesiology, a doctorate in sports psychology, and is the co-founder of Athletes Warehouse. In our conversation we talk about: His background in the musculoskeletal and performance world The entrepreneurial process The role that psychology plays in […]

Digital health innovation: Using technology to enhance care management and improve health for all patients with Robert Longyear (#24)

Today’s guest is healthcare thought leader, innovator, and Author, Robert Longyear. Robert is an executive at Avenue and Wanderly (two innovative digital health companies) and is the author of two healthcare books. During our conversation, we discuss: What sparked his passion for healthcare Remote patient monitoring How to improve care with digital tools The role […]

Making healthcare better: Identifying the stakeholders, understanding the different perspectives, and fostering collaboration to move the industry forward with Dr. Vinod Dasa (#23)

Today’s guest is orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Vinod Dasa. He is also an entrepreneur, innovator, and thought leader, that is very well known in the medical community. Aside from being a top-tier surgeon, Dr. Dasa is a cofounder of numerous companies and was recognized as a LinkedIn “Top Voice”. During our conversation we cover everything from: […]

Marketing and leadership: Investing in your community and developing a culture that is recognized both internally and externally with Blair Primis (#22)

Today’s guest is marketing and leadership expert, Blair Primis. Before finding his way into the healthcare industry, Blair started his marketing career working with some of the world’s biggest brands. Today, he is the senior vice president of marketing and talent management for OrthoCarolina – one of the country’s largest orthopedic practices. During our conversation […]

Learning and leadership: Taking control of your development and leading to improve the lives of those around you with Quint Studer (#21)

Today’s guest is healthcare leadership expert, Quint Studer. Quint is a past healthcare executive, author, and founder of the international healthcare consulting company, The Studer Group. Having consulted for countless health systems, Quint has excellent insights into the inner workings of healthcare and the intricacies of leadership. During our conversation we discuss: How he got […]

Innovation in orthopedics: A digital health solution for the musculoskeletal world with Dr. Michael Greiwe (#20)

Today’s guest is Founder and CEO of OrthoLive, Dr. Michael Greiwe. Dr. Greiwe is an orthopedic surgeon and musculoskeletal innovator. In 2016, Michael founded OrthoLive, a comprehensive telemedicine solution for orthopedics. As you can imagine, the company was well poised to be a solution to many over the course of the past year and has […]

Leading With Urgency: Fostering A Committed Team, Surrounding Yourself With Great People, and Serving The Health of Your Patients with Steven Windwer (#19)

Today’s guest is the Founder and CEO of Bay State Physical Therapy, Steven Windwer. Steven is both a physical therapist and chiropractor. An entrepreneur by nature, Steven opened up his first practice only a few months after graduating from chiropractic school. Since opening that first clinic, Steven formed a team, found a recipe for success, […]

Leading With Purpose And Leading For Service: Understanding Your Awareness Quotient, The Missing Link To Extraordinary Leadership with Brian Cunningham (#18)

Today’s guest is Leadership author, Hospital CEO, and industry thought-leader, Brian Cunningham. Brian started his career as a hospital parking attendant and his genuine love for the impact that healthcare workers made on the lives of their patients is what drove him to become a provider, and ultimately an executive. Brian is an incredible leader […]

Innovation In Healthcare: Revolutionizing Spine Surgery and Using Technology To Empower All Sides Of The Industry with Dr. Alok Sharan (#17)

Today’s guest is world-renowned spine surgeon and pioneer of the awake spinal fusion, Dr. Alok Sharan. Dr. Sharan spent the early portion of his career as the chief of spine surgery at a large NY Health System, when his desire to learn and innovate eventually led him to go pursue additional education – this time, […]

Leading With An Open Mind: Learning, Growing and Empowering Others To Lead Their Organizations Forward with Steve Anderson (#16)

Today’s guest is Executive coach, podcast host, and past CEO of therapeutic associates, Steve Anderson. Steve started his career as a physical therapist before rising the ranks to the CEO role at therapeutic associates. During his tenure, Steve helped the company grow from 27 all the way to 75 locations, and he helped develop many […]

A Lesson In Resilience: The Power Of Optimism and Determination In Overcoming Obstacles and Reaching Your Goals with Cynthia Gormezano (#15)

In this episode, I spoke with the Founder and President of Cynergy Physical Therapy, Cynthia Gormezano. Cynthia started her career as a physical therapist and worked in multiple different hospital-based physical therapy centers. Shortly after founding the Pediatric Orthopedic Physical Therapy Clinic at St. Lukes Roosevelt, she made the entrepreneurial leap and founded Cynergy. Today […]

Learning All Sides of the Industry: Going From Physical Therapist To Chief Development Officer with Anthony DeSena (#14)

In this episode, I spoke with Anthony Desena, Chief Development Officer at JAG-One Physical Therapy. Anthony started his career as a physical therapist and quickly rose the ranks and became a partner at One on One Physical Therapy. Throughout his career, Anthony has spent time in clinical, operational, and development focused roles. In our conversation […]

Fulfilling Needs For The Patient and The Practice: How To Use Passion To Show Your Product’s Value and Drive Your Company Forward with Marla Ranieri (#13)

In this episode, I spoke with the Chief Development Officer of Better PT, Marla Ranieri. Marla started her career as a physical therapist but always had the entrepreneurial itch. After taking on an advanced role in her practice, she took the initiative to found a home exercise app in her “free time”. Shortly thereafter, her […]

From New York to North Carolina: How to Find Your “Why” and How to Let It Guide the Growth of Your Practice with Steve Albanese (#10)

In this episode, I spoke with Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Access Physical Therapy, Steve Albanese. After four years as a staff physical therapist, Steve made the leap to co-found Access with his brother Chris. Today, the practice has around 45+ locations across New York, Pennsylvania and North Carolina. In our conversation Steve and I spoke […]

Creating a Buzz Around Your Practice: How to Energize Your Team to Maximize Patient Experience and Drive Growth with Erich Herkloz (#8)

Today’s Guest is CEO and Co-Founder of Strive Physical Therapy, Erich Herkloz. Erich has always had the entrepreneurial itch and after spending 5 years as a staff physical therapist at pennsylvania practice he made the leap to co-found Strive. Fast forward to today, Strive Physical Therapy is up to 22 locations and is a household […]

20 Years of Consulting: How to Optimize and Position Your Practice For Success with Carl Friedrich (#6)

Today’s guest is esteemed healthcare consultant, Carl Friedrich. Carl started his career in a leading operational role at NYC’s Memorial Sloan Kettering, and then made move to the Hospital for Special Surgery where his talents were quickly noticed. After successfully launching a new Rheumatology department within the hospital, a number of leading orthopedic physicians began […]

Physical Therapy Goes Virtual: How to Go From Concept to Launch When Founding a Digital Health Startup with Marc Gruner (#5)

Marc Gruner is a sports medicine physician and healthcare innovator. After completing a dual-degree med school and MBA program, Marc founded Limber Health; a digital health solution for employers, health plans, & providers, designed to reduce costs & improve the care of individuals with musculoskeletal conditions. Marc recently finished his fellowship at the Mayo Clinic […]

Relieving Pain With Virtual Reality Technology: How to Build a Med-Tech Startup with Jon Weinberg (#4)

Shortly after completing his MBA at the Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley, Jon Weinberg took the entrepreneurial leap and entered the start-up world. Jon is the co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of Karuna Labs, a med-tech startup that is revolutionizing chronic pain management with virtual reality technology. Jon and fellow co-founder/CEO Lincoln […]

Fifty States of Consulting: How to Bring Value to Top Healthcare Executives with Donald Lombardi (#3)

In this episode of the podcast, I spoke with healthcare consultant, author, and distinguished industry professor, Dr. Donald Lombardi. Dr. Lombardi received his Ph.D. in organizational psychology and has since consulted over 168 healthcare organizations across all 50 states and 10 foreign countries. His management principles can be found in any of his 12 books […]

From Finance to Healthcare: How to Start a Private Pain Management Practice with Percy Naranjo (#2)

After a successful eight-year career on wall street, Percy Naranjo, MBA took the leap to start Performance Pain and Sports Medicine (Previously named Performance Spine and Sports Medicine) with a group of physician friends. Percy strategized, modeled, and negotiated the necessary contract for the flagship location in Lawrenceville New Jersey, and has since helped grow […]

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