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A passion for improvement: Optimizing the musculoskeletal care pathway by providing the right care at the right time

Today’s guest is the Chief Medical Officer of Sword Health, Dr. Vijay Yanamadala. Dr. Yanamadala is a neurosurgeon and healthcare expert leading the MSK sector forward. In […]


Being patient-obsessed: Keeping the patient at the forefront and letting it guide a new type of healthcare experience with Andy Grover (#31)

Today’s guest is consumer healthcare expert, Andy Grover. Andy started his career in real estate, prior to joining One Medical, where he led real estate and development […]

Being a student of the industry: A commitment to learning and growth, and letting it lead you to high-quality results with David Pierre (#30)

Today’s guest is healthcare technology and services executive, David Pierre. David is the Chief Operating Officer of Signify Health and is responsible for their operational excellence across […]

Passion and value: Finding the intersection of what you love and the value that it can bring to others with Mark Longo (#29)

Today’s guest is Chief Technology Officer of Sirona Medical, Mark Longo. After his undergraduate studies, Mark discovered his passion for the sciences, which led him to Stanford […]

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